Well, this is my very first post on this blog. And now… I have no idea.
Well, um…
Okay, it might be good if you know who’s on the back of this blog you are reading–even About page can explain a little.

Rani, you can stick it in your mind as my name. I am 15. As you can read on About, I am still in the tenth grade; first grade of high school. I go to SMA N 3 Denpasar every Monday til Saturday as a student. I’m on the first year, so, I’ve got to learn many things there, and I promise you a post about my school in the next occasion. I live in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Island. Have you ever heard this name before? Yes, the Island of God, the Island of Thousand Temples, the real paradise, might be one of many beautiful islands of my country, Indonesia.

I really love jazz music. I love to listen to it, I love to sing it, and sometimes try to do some scats. I can’t live without music. I spend my days with them. On the other hand, I am also a freak of stand-up comedy. I also read books, watch action movies, and go daydreaming.

“Writing, my life.” the last sentence of my bio, it is. I’ve been doing this since I was 8. What did I write on that age? From the simplest writing. I wrote poems and short-stories. I got myself grew older, and I tried to make something more complex. I have written two mini-novels til this moment. But I only kept them as my own writing. I don’t know if I might send one of them–or all–to the publisher later. Let the time guides me. This blog is one of my steppingstones of doing my hobby. It is also a steppingstone to introspect my writings. How peoples appreciate these all, either say “Cool!” or close the tab that contains the address of this blog. I will try my best to show the world that I can do this. I am sure that I can survive.

Well, you can find more about me on the next writings. You can also like or dislike them. It is your own right. Thanks for reading this as the-short-Introduction of my blog.
I will pop like the bubbles. I will.